Pastor Pete

Greetings Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

We hope that our newest monthly newsletter brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

As some of you may notice, our newsletter format looks new and indeed it is 🙂 We are starting anew and fresh as we have decided that after 4 years of serving children with our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program in Aklan, Philippines, we have done all we can do to assist the local church there. We poured out our hearts, time, finances and energy and we have not seen any more growth in that area for several years, so we have been in prayer since this past January where the Lord would lead us to be a blessing to a people in the Philippines who are in need of meeting Jesus in a practical way.

The Lord has opened the door for us in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines with Pastor Pete San Miguel. Pastor Pete is a local Pastor but also a local on-air Christian radio personality in the Philippines. He has a big heart for the lost and especially the poor, including children of course. Pastor Pete will be heading our newest Global Family Outreach Ministry Feeding Program there in the Philippines. He has already gathered 20 children to begin the program starting in August.

We are very excited for our new partnership and are prepared to see many poor children to be fed both physically as well as spiritually.


Here Is Our Featured GFOM Sponsor A Child

Hi everyone my name is Aica and I am poor but attending public school. Like most children, I want the best in my life and I know Jesus will help me. I am in 6th grade and am 11 years old. Will you please help me to stay in school? My parents do not have money for my school supplies and sometimes my mother is ill. Thank you and God bless.

If you are interested in sponsoring Aica, please contact us for details. There are many very poor kids in the Philippines just like Aica and each child is just like all children, they need love, care and help to get through life until adulthood. The children we feature every month need extra care and love, we hope that you will be the one to show them the love of Christ.

2 Balikbayan boxes

We Need Your Love And partnership To Continue
It’s been a real though summer for helping the kids. We have only had one person give a love gift during the entire summertime thus far. To feed the poor children a minimum of one time per week, as you can imagine, $20. is not enough to do the job. We have honestly stretched literally every penny and are very short on funds. We do not believe in financial loans, so we are asking you to please give your best love gift to this worth-while ministry today.

We are sending one large box filled with new and used clothes to the children we are serving in the Philippines, The cost is $125. We are asking that you would prayerfully give. The box will be shipped in August or September but need the finances now so that we can secure the box and fill it. Without the finances, the items cannot be shipped. Please go to the link below and click on “Send A Box” if interested in helping 🙂

Please go to this link to give whatever your love gift today. Thank you and God bless those that help 🙂