Greetings Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry.

It is officially the Christmas Season and perhaps just like you, many within the Philippines are getting ready for Christmas. All over Manila, Philippines you can hear Filipinos greet one-another with the phrase, “Maligayang Pasko” which in the English language means, “Merry Christmas.”

Christmas in the Philippines is a bit different than how we celebrate it in the West. In the Philippines, family and a family being together for the holiday’s is most paramount. Christmas is a time of reflection upon God and family values for most.

For the children and families we serve at our Global Family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program, we will be giving away many good and used clothes as a practical gift to all those who attend. It is our personal and Biblical belief that helping the poor and malnourished in the Philippines, meet and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour the quickest when their practical needs are met. Just like when Jesus fed the 5000, healed the lepers and the sick, those sort of practical needs met will often open the hearts of even the most hard-hearted. The love of Jesus can and does go a very long way 🙂
Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director,
Global Family Outreach Ministry

I hope and pray that during this Christmas season, you will please remember in your thoughts, prayers and actions, the poor and malnourished children and their families we are serving together. To those few who are helping already, Thank you kindly! For all others, would you please give your best love gift today to help? Please find a link to give at http://beaheronow.net/donate.html

Balikbayan Box Update,
As of November 30, 2016 we have been informed that the ETA of the balikbayan box in Manila will be on December 7th. We are informed that the Christmas Party for the children at our GFOM Feeding Program will be on December 15th so please pray the box will arrive and be delivered on time. Thank you.
Meet Jay Matthew, our GFOM Sponsor A Child Of The Month. Jay Matthew is 8 years old who lives with his mother. Jay is looking for someone to sponsor him.His mother finds it difficult to feed and clothe Jay Michael and also to help pay for his school supplies. Jay Michael is available for those who would give only $30/month to help and bless him to know Jesus in a practical way. Please contact us at paul@gfom.org if interested in sponsoring Jay Michael.