Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for February 2017

Greetings all family and friends of GFOM,

Our best wishes and prayers for all of you!

We come to you with all of this month’s updates regarding our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program. We have been averaging 25 children per week with some of the parent’s also in attendance. As we are feeding all who attend both the word of God as well as physical food, Pastor Pete has decided that a Church plant is needed and we have agreed of course to see the children and their parent’s grow in Christ. We are not financially partaking in the church building, or church itself. We are only partnering with Pastor Pete and his local Bible believing church to see children and their parent’s come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

As we continue to move forward with our relationship with a local church in the Philippines to see poor and malnourished children, their parents come to know Christ, we cannot help but think about the millions of others in the Philippines who have as of yet, have not been given the chance to hear the Gospel. Of course we wish to do more to see more Filipinos come to Christ, but know until the good Lord and his people provide the opportunity and resources, we must remain steadfast in what the Lord has given us. We at Global Family Outreach Ministry always give 100% of our finances, time and effort to see the Kingdom of Heaven grow 🙂

We know that for some of you, giving is difficult and quite a sacrifice. That;s why we want to take time here, to say thank you very much for your partnering with us in this ministry and charity. It would be impossible to do what we are doing without you, so again thank you so very, very much!

This month, we are asking all and everyone of you receiving this monthly message to please do two important things; 1) Please pass along and, or forward this email message to at least 5 others. 2) If you are not giving already, Please make a pledge to give just $5. per month, yep, just $5 per month is all we are asking. Some of you may believe that $5. cannot do much and you are correct, but when others also give $5. every month, we will have enough to sustain our feeding program on a regular basis and without interruptions due to the lack of finances to sustain it. Would you please take part in just those two requests please? I am sure the Lord will bless you if you do.

Again, to those that are giving, thank you! God bless you! And to all others, we await your partnership with us. Please find out how at this link,

Many Blessings,

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry