Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, March 2017

Praise the Lord! We are so pleased to be able to give you our monthly update 🙂

In March we were able to hold our weekly poor children’s feeding program in the Philippines. The number of children attending was down a little bit due to school and sickness, but the good news is that the beginning of April ends school for a few months and attendance will go back up 🙂

If you haven’t had a chance to view any news from the Philippines as of late, the country has been going through some major social changes since the new President there took office. There has been an upheaval in some major social norms. Drug dealers and drug users are being incarcerated en-mass. Also, whole cities are being “cleaned-up” and laws stringently enforced. This new attitude on the part of the Government has impacted the people and some of their personal lives and how they think. That is why we are using this opportunity to really press the importance of “spiritual food” as well as the physical food we give the children and sometimes their parents.

The number of those children and their parents attending the Global Family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program has grown to a sizable number, so much so, that a church will being there. We are hopeful that this new church will be a place where many will not only be blessed physically, but even more so, spiritually. Global Family Outreach Ministry is not only a charity, but more importantly, an organization that helps others come to know Jesus Christ of the Bible as Lord and Saviour. We hope and pray you will see that our purpose as an organization and ministry is very important. We have become an integral part of the Heavenly influence there.

We want to take time here to say thank you to all who have both taken time to pray for us and also to financially sow seeds to see these poor and malnourished children come to know Christ. You are a blessing and our daily prayer for you is that the Lord would bless you in return one-hundred times more than what you have given for these kids. We very much love and appreciate you! 🙂

If you have not as of yet, or perhaps have not given a love gift in awhile, please give your best love gift today at this link Thank you and God bless all that do 🙂

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry