Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For June, 2017

Greetings all Family and friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

We pray and hope that the good Lord is blessing you these days. We here at Global Family Outreach Ministry are all well and working ever so hard to ensure the proper operation of all, and every aspect of our ministry. In fact, we also demand the utmost honesty, integrity and accountability from our foreign ministry partners overseas as well. And speaking of Integrity, honesty, etc., it has recently come to our attention that our GFOM Feeding program partner in the Philippines has not been honest with us and have taken immediate steps to end our partnering with him/them. Again, we demand total accountability especially since they are often half-way around the world.

If we were a larger ministry with a much larger financial support, we would be perhaps more able to check on our foreign ministry partners. Unfortunately and most often, we have only the ability to rely on only one or two people to financially support the entire effort of this ministry. As much as many especially enjoy the work we do with helping feed and help malnourished children, the vast majority of those who enjoy GFOM’s work do not help in any practical way. They are not even willing to financially support our work with these poor children at the $5 per month level. It is indeed very sad and leaves us at a great disadvantage when it comes to being able to have great accountability with our foreign partners.

In the very least, proper accountability with our foreign ministry partners would mean we should visit in person all our foreign ministry partners quarterly. That translates to a minimum of four(4) times per year. Unfortunately, the level of giving to GFOM has averaged to less than $100 per month and barely able to feed a very small group of children one time per week. We really need more financial help so we can not only have proper accountability with our foreign ministry partners, but also to see an increase of poor, hungry and malnourished children get to know Jesus in a practical way.

I so very much appreciate the few of you(you already know by now who you are) that help these poor children and partner with us doing so. However, we need the financial resources to operate effectively. We are transferring our GFOM Poor Children’s Program to a new location and hope to be operational by July, 2017. We earnestly hope and pray other’s will now come along side our already wonderful ministry partners who send in their love gifts. We always want to be on the right track & to be operational before the Lord. It is after all, the right thing to do.

We consider Accountability to be of utmost importance as I we are sure you do as well.

Please join us and give your best love gift at

God’s blessings,

Pastor Paul Waldmiller- Director,

Global Family Outreach Ministry