Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for August, 2017

Greetings family and friends of GFOM

We want to give you an update on our progress reestablishing a new GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program in Cebu, Philippines. We did not send out a July Newsletter because most of the activities we were undertaking and engaged in at the time were entirely given to logistics there in Cebu. For those unfamiliar with how many things operate in the Philippines, they are often event oriented, not time oriented as they are in the West. For that reason we had to communicate with a lot with pastors at the church we will be holding our feeding program at, and give them a good understanding of what we will and will not be doing.

This is what we know so far;

-We will begin operation of the GFOM Feeding Program there in Cebu starting in September, 2017.

-The amount of financial giving each month is no where near the amount where we could have a weekly feeding program, so we have offered to a local church in Cebu to feed the children twice per month. Twice monthly for feeding children is not at all very much, especially considering many of the children are malnourished but once again, we must go by the amount of financial giving that we are receiving, which is not very much at all.

-The GFPM Poor Children;s Program will operate as all others, 30 minutes of Bible Study followed by a meal.

-Children will be strictly monitored for attendance and timeliness to the program.

-40 children will be selected by the local church as to which will be allowed into the GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program.

-We will offer the GFOM Adopt-A-Child Program to those in the West who are interested.

That is what we have thus far. Again, everything is contingent upon your monthly love gifts. Global Family Outreach Ministry is an entirely, 100% volunteer, IRS approved, 501c3 tax exempt charity. No one receives a salary so every penny of your donations go to the children in our program.

We ask that you would please continue to support our help to the poor children through both your prayers and love gifts. Thank you and God bless all who do!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director,

Global Family Outreach Ministry