Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter-October 2017

Greetings Family and Friends of GFOM,

How Great and awesome is God!

We love to give you our monthly updates via our ministry newsletters, and are especially excited to give you this month’s update 🙂

In October, the Vice-Director of Global Family Outreach Ministry, Jorlyn Waldmiller flew to the Philippines to inspect our newly operational GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program in Cebu. What a wonderful report Jorlyn gives for her time sharing the love of Jesus Christ in a practical way to the poor and malnourished children at our Feeding Program there. During her time there, Jorlyn was also able to meet with many of the parent’s of these hungry children and encourage them. We are hopeful that more trips will be made available for us to go and visit our GFOM Feeding Program. It is important to us to have total accountability with those participating and operating in partnership with GFOM in the Philippines. The Pastors operating the GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program in Cebu have agreed to be accountable with us.

While in the Philippines, Jorlyn was also able to share our Global Family Outreach Ministry Program vision with those at the Victory Church in Antipolo, Philippines. While sharing our vision, Jorlyn encouraged the saints in attendance. We are grateful for God’s opportunity for Jorlyn to travel to the Philippines for this work and are hopeful that many either came to Christ, and or were encouraged in Him.

While 2017 is now coming to an end in a few months, we are already looking forward to 2018. There is so much work that needs to be done! We would love to feed our 40 children four times per month rather than only twice per month as is all we can currently-financially afford. The giving to GFOM is way, way down. We desperately need your help. Please help these poor and malnourished children that we serve by sending your very best love gift today. We firmly believe God will bless you greatly for every amount you give. No amount is to small. Even $5 each and every month is helpful. Please go to and give from your heart 🙂 Thank you so very much for those that have given in the past and thank you to those who will answer the call to partner with us to feed the physical and spiritually hungry each and every month.

God bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry