Dear Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

Greetings and many blessings to you!

Welcome to the end of 2017 🙂 Here we are at the end of yet another year! We have experienced so very much here at the ministry during 2017. We’ve moved from one location to another in the Philippines, we’ve also laughed, we’ve cried and we have also and certainly labored to see every penny of your donations stretch to see as many hungry children as possible fed physically. All our labor and pain so to see these children we serve in order to have their hope in and through Jesus Christ. It’s been difficult, but it’s been well worth it.

If you’ve ever been hungry, hurt, lonely, missed your family, then you know what the daily life is like for may of the children that we serve. At times, you know a life like that can be very hard and difficult. Global Family Outreach Ministry has over that last 9 years been a ministry of hope, last and desperate hope for many children who have live in bamboo huts, on the streets, or in very poorly constructed concrete homes, all usually with no electricity. We here in the West probably could never imagine a life eating one meal, every other day and having no electricity, but that is the life of many of the children we serve.

We are so blessed to have labored during 2017 and in all years operate to see children come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We are equally blessed to have those of you who regualary give your love gifts and co labor with us. You are truly incredible! Thank you so very much for your love!

We look forward to co-laboring with you in 2018, and as well, and by the way, 2018 will be our ten-year anniversary of operation. We will soon be accepting good and used vehicles on our GFOM Donation Page. Please pass the word around that any vehicle donated to GFOM will be sold to raise funds to help our ministry feed more children. Of course, any donation made, including vehicles are all eligible for a Tax Deductible Reticent. Look for the “Cars For Kids” Donation Page which you can visit and give your best love gift today at

Thank you for reading our monthly newsletter. Please pray for us as we also pray for you 🙂

God bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry