Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, December 2017

Greetings Friends and Family of GFOM,

We pray that you enjoyed your Christians and New Year holidays. While you all were celebrating these two holidays, we were busy caring for, feeding the poor children and sharing Jesus in a practical way to the children we all serve in the Philippines.

Some may ask why we never take a holiday, a day off or even a vacation from serving the poor, malnourished and the unsaved? Our answer is always the same, there are both children and adults dying without Christ in their hearts. That hungry child whose parents have no money for food, no-less Christmas gifts are starving. For us at GFOM, we know that there can not be an improvement in anyone’s life without Jesus Christ

We here at GFOM are not here to enable the poor to remain poor and, or raise a people or enable a nation of people of poor, to remain poor. We want to see everyone that is willing, come to Christ so that they too can live a blessed life in Christ.

We are looking forward to 2018. We are always looking for new ways to raise the funds we need to operate our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program which unfortunately only operates twice per month because of lack of operating funding. We hope this will change with your continued financial support and also our newly added “Cars For Kids” vehicle donation program. If you have a good, used vehicle that you would like to donate, or know someone who would like to donate a good vehicle to our 501c3 IRS approved tax exempt charity, please email us at We Then will make arrangement to sell that(those) vehicle(s) to raise funds to feed the malnourished children that we all serve together.

As always, we rely heavily upon your love and financial support. We hope to hear from you as we continue to serve the hungry in the Philippines. Here is our link to give your best love gift today…

With much love and appreciation,

Rev Paul Waldmiller-Director,Global Family Outreach Ministry