GFOM Monthly Newsletter for August, 2018

Greetings to all Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

As we’ve approached the end of Summer in the Philippines, we at Global Family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program in the Philippines are very, very happy to report that not only are we sustaining 40 plus children attending our twice-monthly program, we are also seeing multiple family visitations to share Jesus as Lord and Savior is also bearing fruit. Family visitation time of those children who are both physically and spiritually fed at our program is essential. This is where our staff in the Philippines gets to share the importance of Salvation of Jesus and to also share how God is providing basic needs. Those that come to Christ are immediately plugged into a local Bible believing church and from there, the Kingdom of God grows!

We use the Biblical model that Jesus and His people will help them if they have faith, but again, feeding them only twice monthly makes our message weak. We always make do however with what we are given through your love gifts, but it is barely enough. In the past, I have always informed you of our needs. I wish that money grew on trees, that way I would never have to disturb you with financial requests, but most of us know that is not how God operates. God always uses His people to see the unsaved, hungry and willing, come to Christ.

We are in prayer that you will please continue, or begin to help and partner with us financially to see many souls saved. We are always looking for additional ways to fund the ministry. We are looking for good folks to donate auto-vehicles such as well operating/running cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles and boats to Global Family Outreach Ministry so we can sell them to raise funds for the feeding of the children. If you, or if you know anyone who is willing to donate a good and decent running vehicle to GFOM, please let us know. We will give anyone who donates to GFOM, a tax-deductible receipt.

All donations can be made at

Again, thank you to all who faithfully support GFOM and the children/families we help together?

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director
Global Family Outreach Ministry