Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly News Letter for April-2020

Greetings family and friends of GFOM,

Our sincere prayers for you as the Cornona-19 Virus has hit world wide including in the Philippines where we are presently locked down, and cannot feed the hungry and malnourished children. The Filipino Government has ordered all families to stay at home. There is nothing left for us to do but pray and prepare for when the pandemic is over as well as feed whole families, when funds become available.

God is sovereign and although we only fed the kids only one time in April, we are preparing in other ways to feed the families. As I write this monthly newsletter in early May, we are already finding ways to feed whole families through separate and individual donations that you are sending. Thus far, we have fed five families, for 1 week each.

We understand at present that it will be until May 16, 2020 until we might be able to open our 4 Poor Children’s Feeding Programs again. There is no guarantee of this date being the exact date because the Corona Virus is continuing to spread in the Philippines even as I am writing this newsletter.

Thank you to those who remain faithful to the Lord and the children we are serving. If you wish to help us feed one family for one week, the cost is only $12. Please remember however whenever you donate money through PayPal, they take a portion of your donation for themselves and we at GFOM have to make up the financial loss. So, if you send $13., we will have close to the $12. that we need. If you can also please remember to make a donation of any amount to our Poor Children’s Feeding Program, that would be helpful as well. Whenever sending your love gift, be sure to please indicate where you want your money to go to. We have many programs.

Please make all donations at this link…

God bless all of you! We love you and pray that you stay safe and well in Jesus’ Name!

Rev. Paul Waldmiller-Director,

Global Family Outreach Ministry