Greetings family, friends and supporters of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

Happy Resurrection Day!

We may be sending our newsletter a day or so after the celebrated Resurrection Day, but to us who know and love Jesus, every day is a happy Resurrection Day. Amen! 

We give all praise to the Lord Jesus for you and all we are able to accomplish together including feeding children with nutritious food and seeing Jesus as Lord and Savior of the hearts of those whom we help. Your love and financial blessings are why we are able to continue doing the Lord’s work. Thank you sooooooo very much!

Some very big things have been happening at the four GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Programs. Not only are children getting saved and baptized through Jesus, children’s parents are beginning to place their children into the Christian school attached to the church! Praise the Lord! Normally that would be a great and Godly thing, but an issue has arisen. The school has but one van to go out and pick up the children. To cure this issue, they recently purchased another van to help pick up the additional children for school. Where is the money coming from you may be wondering? Pastor Janel who helps us with our GFOM Feeding programs doesn’t know, but by faith, he purchased the van with a down payment of $500 and the monthly cost is $200. We sent him $81.99 as part of a one-time only, $100 total payment towards the new van. $20 is from our finding a new money remittance company that gave us $20 to use their services. We also gave that $20 towards the van. Praise the Lord.

We are so very excited that the Lord is expanding our ministry to see yet more children and their families to know Christ in their heart’s and lives. Isn’t a blessing to know that your love gifts are being put to use for the Kingdom of Heaven? It looks like 2021 is going to be a great year for souls. Praise the Lord!

To all those receiving our newsletter, if you have never given, or haven’t made a financial donation in a while, please remember to make a donation in any amount to our Poor Children’s Feeding Program. Making a monthly financial contribution is very helpful. Whenever sending your love gift, be sure to please indicate where you want your money to be placed. We have many programs.

Please everyone, if you aren’t already, join with us in prayer and in financial giving.

Please make all donations at this link…

God bless all of you! We love you and pray that you to be blessed and well in Jesus’ Name!

Rev. Paul Waldmiller-Director, Global Family Outreach Ministry