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Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For April, 2016


Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For April, 2016

May 6, 2016

Greetings all,

We pray that when you receive this monthly ministry newsletter, it would find you in good health and very blessed 🙂

Another month has passed and as we strive to reach more and more Filipino Families for Christ, we are reminded by all the news reports, commercials and leaflets being passed around, that it is not just the United States that is having a Presidential election soon, so also is the Philippines having a Presidential election to. Although as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have no direct opinion on any of the candidates seeking Office for President, we can give a careful and prayerful request to all of you. That specific request to you, is that we ask all of you who receive our newsletter to please keep those who running for public office in your prayers. Irregardless of who you may or may not support, please pray that the Lord Jesus would touch the hearts and lives of all who are seeking political office.

The reason we ask that you would pray for all those seeking office is because we need as much freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help those who need help, as possible. As I look at other nations, many do not have the same religious freedoms to love on others and or help in the name of Jesus Christ as those who currently are able to freely share Christ in the USA as well as the Philippines.

Therefore, for our ministry to continue in being effective, we need the same level of freedom that we have always been blessed to have since our inception in 2007. The wrong person placed in public office could possibly bring hardship and difficulty to us, and could also possibly stop all the wonderful things that we have been able to do and help with, especially with the poor children there in the Philippines.

Lastly, on another note, I am so happy to share with you that our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program is still going strong. We haven’t had any donations to our ministry however in a few months and unfortunately must continue to ask you to please support us not through not only with prayers, but also that you would please help through practical means. Those means being your financial help. Please give your best love gift today so that we may continue doing what we have always done, helping the poor children and showing them the love of Jesus as Lord and Saviour by and through practical means.

Thank you an God Bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director,

Global Fmily Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, March 2016

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Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, March 2016

Dear Friend and Family Member of GFOM,

Praise the Lord, we are blessed with the privilege of bringing you an update regarding this beautiful ministry to children and families.

We come to you with an update first regarding a very serious issue that is impacting our children that we serve and their families n the Philippines as well. There is a severe drought with a lack of clean drinking water for many. April is known as the beginning of summer for the Philippines and is typically hot and rain free which only makes this situation much worse. There are some water reservoirs with some available water, but the Government there as of today is still not releasing the water and in some places, Filipino’s are rioting because of it.

For those who are familiar with Filipino politics and natural disasters, you are already aware that Filipino’s have been suffering for generations now. It is always so very sad to see people suffer, especially children which is why way back in 1999, God inspired me through the Holy Spirit to minister to, and aide Filipino children through Christ Jesus, who are by far, the largest group of victims of problems there.

Of course, we all know that Global Family Outreach Ministry is a small International Ministry, but for what of our size, and for also what by God’s grace we are able to accomplish, I know you stand with me in being grateful to the Lord. To look in a hungry child’s eyes and see how blessed they are after meeting Jesus week after week while being practically ministered to through a meal, is nothing short of a miracle for them.

I would like to see the Lord and His people become more involved and proactive in the Lord’ business of producing what I call “practical miracles.” No, we cannot produce rain or water for thirsty Filipino’s. Only Jesus can do that. We can however, pray and also put our talents as well as resources together to help these children for water and food they normally could not have. Think of how little it really costs to see a child and his or her family come to Christ because someone was kind enough to purchase a little food and or water for a hungry/thirsty child.

I will not now, nor ever manipulate anyone in to giving for the Lord’s work, but I will ask you, someday when you stand before the Lord and He asks you what you did for one of these hungry/thirsty little one’s, what will your answer to Him be? Life is a challenge, especially if you are a Christian in today’s world. Our brothers and sisters are asking for our help, a desperate cry for help. I pray you will answer the call.

God bless those of you who help these beautiful children with your best love gift today.

Here is where you can give your blessing….

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry


Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For February, 2016
Greeting Family and Friends of GFOM,

We pray the Lord has touched your lives in an awesome way since our last newsletter sent out to you. Our prayers of course are for you always, and as well, hope that when you take the time to read our brief, but informative newsletter here, it will be a further blessing to you.

First, I want to take the time to thank those of you who have blessed the children we serve. A proper “thanks” cannot be given to you enough times for all the love that you have poured in to the kids. These children are so needy and malnourished. When you send along both your prayers and love gift for them, it makes a huge difference in their lives. So again, thank you so very much 🙂

Not much has changed in the past few months as far as numbers of children we feed each time we feed the children. We do so most weeks but there are on rare occasions that we do not have the feeding program. When this occurs, this is mainly due to either a shortage of monthly funds, or the children have decided to partake in a community event elsewhere with their parents.

We have had this particular feeding program in Aklan, Philippines now for over 4 years. The Global Family Outreach Ministry Board has been in prayer since last Fall in 2015 as to when the duration at this particular Poor Children’s Feeding Program will end, and a new work will begin elsewhere in the Philippines. As we pray, we are also speaking with several pastors already and will of course update you as to our decision as to where and when the transfer will occur.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of malnourished and unsaved children through Christ, all within the Philippines. Our decision where to serve is contingent upon many things including of course, the Lord Himself through the Holy Spirit giving us direction on what and where to move to.

As for the 35-50 children we currently serve, once we do transfer the GFOM Poor Childrens Feeding Program, these children will continue to be served through the local pastor who we have been working with for some time now. These children and their parents are his responsibility is as are also the leadership of that particular church.

We are not transferring as of yet, but believe that the Lord is directing us to help others very soon.

Please keep in mind that 100% of all love gifts to this ministry stays within the ministry of whom we serve and that of course are the children. Additionally, your love gifts are tax deductible. Please see your local accountant and or IRS Agent for details regarding how to use your receipts for tax deductible purposes.

Please send all love gifts at…

Thank you and God Bless you!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director, Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter-January, 2016


Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter-January, 2016


Greetings Friends and Family of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

We want to give you a quick update regarding our ministry monthly news and statistics for 2015.

We have calculated all giving to GFOM for the year end of 2015 as $1,227. Total

We fed children in our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding 49 out of 52 weeks during 2015.

Our averages of children served weekly was between 35-50 children.

Each of the dates that we fed children food, every child first received an approximate 30 minutes of a Bible lesson.

Some of the children we serve are being visited in their homes from time to time by the pastor where we hold our GFOM Feeding Program. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is also explained and shared with the child’s family members, especially the parent(s).

All and every member of Global Family Outreach Ministry do not receive a salary. This organization is operated entirely with volunteers. Even if we wanted to hire employee’s, we could never afford to do so with an average of only $100. per month in donations. That $100. each month is not enough to truly give the children we serve the type of nutritious food we wood like to give them. Don’t forget, it is not only food we must purchase, we must pay for cooking fuel, transportation to purchase the food, etc. with the funds we receive.

We are always in prayer how we can stretch the love gifts that come in to help these many malnourished children. We are deeply appreciative and thankful for the few of you who have such beautiful hearts to give. We are also praying however that there would be others who would come along and co-labor with love to help these children, not only physically, but more importantly, spiritually.

If you have not become a regular giver to the beautiful ministry to children, or have never given, would you please prayerfully consider giving your best love gift to help today. You can find out how here,

Thank you and God Bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Monthly Newsletter For December, 2015

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Global Family Outreach Monthly Newsletter For December, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, it’s 2016, but we are always sending you our monthly updated newsletters to you from the previous month so you know exactly what we have been up to and how you as our financial as well as prayer supporter.

Although we have new plans for Global Family Outreach Ministry for 2016, In this last Newsletter of 2015, we want to focus on December 2015 where we fed and shared the love of Jesus Christ in a practical way to many children as we always do each and every week.

December seen our Christmas Party for the kids as we gave away some used clothes that we shipped over there for them. We also gave away some other newer items to them as well.

Most importantly during the month of December, the all volunteer Global Family Outreach Ministry Staff in the Philippines continued to share the importance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour with all the children we are serving there during our 30 minutes of Bible lessons before each and every meal. Christmas gifts at the Christmas Party were used as an example to the gift of Jesus and His loving and merciful sacrifice for the remission of our sins.

As much as I do not like to ask each and every month, this ministry totally depends on the Lord Jesus and the loving support of your financial donations. In the past three months, we have seen a huge decrease in financial giving.

I have also noticed that many do not open their e-mail messages containing monthly newsletters from this ministry. Perhaps they are mistakenly being sent to some “spam” folders? Perhaps some are being purposely ignored? I’m not sure, but I believe that there is a correlation between the low amount of monthly love gifts being given(lack there of)and the number of people receiving/opening/reading our monthly updates. So, I am asking everyone this month to please open their Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletters each month when they arrive in their e-mail In Box. This way, you will always be aware of what we are doing for the Lord, see some awesome photos of what we are doing, and you will also have a chance to give to a great cause, that is, the Kingdom of Heaven and at the same time, helping to feed some malnourished kids.

To give your best love gift today, please give here at…

Thank you all and God bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, November 2015


Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, November 2015

Greetings to you, our family member and friend of GFOM,

We trust that you are blessed and the Good Lord has given you favor in all you have done this past month.

Once again, I have the privilege to write to you and give an abbreviated monthly update on all our activities within our great ministry that you may very well be co-laboring with us.

First, for those of you in the United States, may I wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 For all others around the world who love us and support what we do in helping children and others, a greeting of the Lord’s salutations to each and everyone of you. We do hope that the Month of November was a fantastic one for you.

For those whom we serve in the Philippines with our Global Family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program, November was a month filled with joy and blessing. No, there were no great surprises, but there were the many children who return to our Feeding Program each week to hear about Jesus and to receive Jesus into their hearts. Their numbers range between 25-35 children each week. A good mixture of boys and girls.

The Bible declares in Luke 15:10 “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who repents.” What can be said about what we teach our children who attend our Poor Children’s Feeding Program is this, the Bible is 100% without error and that without Jesus, there is no hope in this life, or when we die without Him. Children often leave happy after attending the GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program. A fully tummy and a full heart full of Jesus. You can’t beat that 🙂

At the Global Family Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program we firmly ground the children in the Word of God. We ground them in the teachings of Jesus and that by them each picking up their cross and following Him, they will stay on that narrow path that will in the end, find them blessed here on Earth and live in Heaven when they pass-away some day.

We have an awesome ministry. With this awesome ministry, also of course comes an awesome responsibility to ensure what we do, what we share with the children and their families are grounded firmly in the Word of God. Many times, very often, I wish I could bring those of you who financially support this ministry all the way to the Philippines so you could see and hear exactly what we do, and how God is taking the small amount of donations, funds, and using it to help and bless so very many. Sadly, I cannot do this but trust that our monthly reports and photos that I share, give you some wonderful insight into exactly the progress of what we are accomplishing for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you, thank you to those of you who are part of what we are doing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. may the Lord richly bless you!

One last item, 2015 is almost gone, our ministry is mandated to give receipts for all giving. If you are looking for a deduction on your 2015 taxes via giving a charitable gift, would you please consider giving to Global Family Outreach Ministry? We accept financial gifts as well as other items to help the children, such as motor vehicles,  houses, etc.. We will give you a receipt for the full worth of your giving for whatever it is you decide to bless the children we co-labor with you.

Thank you again! You can give your love gift at this link,

God Bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly News Letter For October 2015


Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly News Letter For October 2015

Greetings all,

As has become our dearest and earnest prayer for you, it is that this newsletter finds you blessed and delighted in the Lord Jesus Christ.

How grateful we are to have the ability to write to you and give some monthly updates on what we are accomplishing here at Global Family Outreach Ministry. Unlike increasing areas of the world, communication to/from those who care about children and those in need, are becoming increasing difficult. Because of the world-wide turmoil that we are all witnessing, communication has been at times difficult to gather. We are blessed that in our operations in the Philippines, we do not as of yet have those difficulties.

We must share that we are equally grateful to you who co-labor with us to see children and their families meet Jesus in a practical way. In the days where we are witnessing a great apathy of people, and falling away within the church, we are praising the Lord that you yet remain faithful. We do realize just how difficult it is for some of you to give especially when the world’s economy is not doing so well. We know also that every penny that you give for the children we serve is a personal sacrifice. Another reason to be grateful for you. Amen.

As to what we are yet doing because of your faithfulness in the Lord, we have the privilege to meet the physical needs of between 25 to 35 children each week. These same children also get a chance to hear the Gospel and receive Jesus Christ every week before eating their food as well. Is that enough? No, we don’t believe so. We continue to hope and pray for more opportunities to share Jesus Christ with these and other children as well. We would like to donate a well needed, used Ambulance and Fire Truck to the poor area where we minister in the Philippines. We would also very much like to build our “Angel House” which is a house solely dedicated to Filipino children who have been rescued from human and sex trafficking.

Global Family Outreach Ministry is a blessing to some, but our prayers are that the Lord and His people would increase this ministry, to do more and be even much more effective. I don’t believe serving the Lord is a bad thing. Equally, I don’t believe asking the Lord to do what I believe in the natural, looks impossible, but that He and His people can and will do more, much more. All for His glory of course.

Again, if you are a faithful partner in this ministry, Thank you so very much. If you have as of not become one of our laborers for Christ, please prayerfully consider in doing so.

To find how to get involved, please go to this link…..

Thank you and God bless,

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry


Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For September, 2015

Greetings Family and Friends of GFOM,

We pray this month’s newsletter finds you in excellent health, and blessed in many ways.

We are so blessed on our end to be able to send you an update each and every month regarding the status of our work together. Yes, that’s correct, I stated “our work together.” I say that because without your prayers coupled with your love gifts, the work that we do to see children who are located and living in a remote area of the Philippines, would likely never come to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

As we keep pushing forward to serve the children and their families in a very troubled world that we are all living in, we cannot afford ever to quit. Lives are literally at stake, children’s lives are endangered. Everyday, the devil is out to steal and destroy another child’s life through hunger, malnutrition, alcoholism, drug use, sex and human trafficking and so many more horrible entrapment’s that the devil has set out to destroy a child’s life. It’s a very dangerous world, especially for children growing up in a third-world nation such as the Philippines.

We work tirelessly with your help of co-laboring with us. We are equally encouraged as well when we hear from you. How grateful we are for you and your words, prayers and sacrificial giving. Your help has been able to do more than teach children Bible lessons, share Jesus and give them food. Recently the Lord directed us to a retired Physician in the USA who may have access to an ambulance company who will donate an ambulance to the poor we serve in Philippines. We ask that you keep that all in prayer. The Philippines would so very much be blessed and benefit greatly with an ambulance, especially in the remote area of the Philippines where our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program is located.

So, how significant is your co-labor of love ? It’s immeasurable because the price of just one soul giving their lives to Christ is priceless and that means you are priceless as well ! Thank you for all you do!

As a reminder, and or if you are sending a love gift today, please give your precious financial love gift through this link…

Thank you again for taking not only your precious time to read our monthly updated newsletter to you, but thank you also for your continued and or first time love gift in helping children, both physically and more importantly, spiritually fed through Christ Jesus.

God bless you!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller

Director, Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Newsletter August, 2015


Global Family Outreach Ministry Newsletter August, 2015

Greetings Friends and Family of Global Family, Outreach Ministry

As usual and always, we sincerely hope and pray that this newsletter finds you very blessed in and trough the Lord Jesus Christ.

We want to start out our remaining portion of this newsletter with a praise report. It was and is by the grace of God that we have successfully packed and sent out to the Philippines, two large(balikbayan) boxes filled with donated used clothes and a few toys. If you read last month’s newsletter, you already were aware that we were planning to do so, and had requested financial donations to make that happen. Thankfully, one of you were kind enough to give a love gift to send one of the boxes. My wife sacrificially gave of our own personal monthly food budget to send the other box. Please pray that the boxes arrive and are a huge blessing to the poor children we serve through our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program.

August in the Philippines, including for the beautiful kids we serve, is in the middle of the school year. Families are all busy with everyday life. Although many families are doing other things, It is always our mission and goal to help as many children as possible along with their families, come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. I mention our efforst to see children that we serve come to Christ in nearly every monthly newsletter. This month however, as I look all around us with so many horrible things going on such as wars, beheadings, Christian persecutions, and more, I am really impressed even more so to carry out the only message of true hope that any of us have, that being a personal relationship in, and through Jesus Christ of the Bible.

As we have always been a small international ministry, we have never been small in what we have been able to accomplish by the grace of God. We have seen so many come to Christ and receive His blessings along the way. Some of you have been a Very Big help in seeing these same kids and families receive those blessings and I am sharing about. None of what Global Family Outreach Ministry has done, or takes part in, can be done without loving individuals such as yourself. So once again, for those of you who have actively given love gifts along with your prayers for us and those whom we serve, we say thank you and God bless you!

For all others who are reading along here, we also need your help. In all appearances, the Lord’s return may be sooner than what some may believe. Our work for the Lord is producing blessed fruit. Our children receive Jesus in a practical way, meeting their spiritual as well as their physical needs. Our work for the Lord is worth collaborating for and I am praying that there will be more supporter so we can reach out to more children and their families.

Will you also co-labor with us? I hope and pray you too will invest and sow into the Kingdom of God with us. Please send your best love gift today so that our work will continue. You can find how to sow into the Kingdom of God here…

God’s Blessings !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director,

Global Family Outreach Ministry

2 Balikbayan boxes

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, July 2015

Merry Christmas !

Well, not yet anyway. It is time though that the Lord uses the largest celebrated holiday in the Philippines to bring glory to Him.

Every year, we provide the children and sometimes also our all GFOM volunteer staff in the Philippines with a Christmas gift to show them that Jesus does care about them despite being poor. It’s never enough to preach the Salvation Message of Jesus as Lord and Saviour without showing also that the Lord cares for them in a practical way. That is why we feed the poor children we serve weekly, and that is also why one time per year, we give away gifts of some kind on or around Christmas Day.

During the past ten months or so, Jorlyn and I have been busy asking local residents to donate good used clothing and other items to the Global Family Outreach Ministry Christmas giveaway in the Philippines. After an exhaustive time of searching and sometimes begging for items, by God’s grace, we have been successful enough to have the ability to ship two balikbayan boxes stuffed with these donated times.

Each box will cost $120.(usd) each to ship. This includes the cost of packing, securing and transporting each box to Aklan, Province where the GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program is located. Over the years, I have become an expert one might say, regarding the efficiency of packing a balikbayan box. Believe me when I tell you, there is not even an 1/8th of an inch of room left in a balikbayan box when I am finished packing. 🙂

Because the boxes are put inside large shipping containers aboard, it takes time to reach the middle of the Philippines all the way from the USA, so stuffing and getting the two boxes with gifts to a drop off site must be completed by August 31st, 2015 to ensure that all the items will arrive by December 24th, 2015.

Please help this Christmas Holiday be a light for Jesus Christ by helping us get the two boxes shipped. Thank you and God bless those of you who have been, and continue to be a co-laborer in Chirst by seeing the children we serve, come to Christ through a practical means. There is much work yet to be done in God’ Kingdom. God Bless you.

Here is the link to send your love gift to help, just click on the “Send A Box” button if you wish to help to send these balikbayan boxes.  Thanks and Blessings !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry