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Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for June, 2017

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for June, 2017

Praise the Lord for you and all who we serve together in Christ Jesus!

We are reaching out to all our Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry and giving our monthly update. For those who did not read last month’s newsletter, I will give a short update here. Unfortunately we had a problem with one of the Pastor’s who was overseeing our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program. It came to us that we found out this person who claims to be a “Pastor” was not being honest with us so we terminated our work with him and his “church.”

Since we closed our Poor Children’s Feeding Program in Manila, we went to prayer to see just what the Lord wanted us to do. We love serving the Lord and we already know that there will always be opposition from people who hate Jesus and who are not true Christians but know God has a call on us to remain active in His ministry work. We also are well aware of those who would taint God’s word and His work as well, so through our prayers, we believe we heard from God, that we should just to stay faithful and look for another Pastor to work with to see souls saved, but implement even more stringent accountability rules in place so we don’t have such a problem like that again.

God is so good to us as we already have a relationship with a Christian Couple here in the States from the Philippines. We have seen their walk with Christ and they are connected to a Bible believing Church in Cebu. After much prayer and discussion with this couple as well as Pastors from their home church in Cebu, we are believing God is directing us to open our new GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program there. We are still working out the details and in all honesty, moving our relationship with the pastors in Cebu very slowly and patiently. We are doing so purposely so that we do not end-up in the same or similar problem that we had with that fake Pastor in Manila.

We ask that you would please pray for us and Global Family Outreach Ministry, We have a huge responsibility to get on with the Lord’s work. When we read the Bible, we know that there will always be those who oppose God or are fraudulent in their reasons to be involved in the ministry., but we want to as much as possible avoid those who act in such manner. It is after all, our desire to remain pure in doing God’s work and that means our partners like you will reap a bountiful harvest of souls and rewards in Heaven.

God’s work goes on and we hope you will continue to support us through your prayers and especially your financial giving at

God Bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For May, 2017

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter For June, 2017

Greetings all Family and friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

We pray and hope that the good Lord is blessing you these days. We here at Global Family Outreach Ministry are all well and working ever so hard to ensure the proper operation of all, and every aspect of our ministry. In fact, we also demand the utmost honesty, integrity and accountability from our foreign ministry partners overseas as well. And speaking of Integrity, honesty, etc., it has recently come to our attention that our GFOM Feeding program partner in the Philippines has not been honest with us and have taken immediate steps to end our partnering with him/them. Again, we demand total accountability especially since they are often half-way around the world.

If we were a larger ministry with a much larger financial support, we would be perhaps more able to check on our foreign ministry partners. Unfortunately and most often, we have only the ability to rely on only one or two people to financially support the entire effort of this ministry. As much as many especially enjoy the work we do with helping feed and help malnourished children, the vast majority of those who enjoy GFOM’s work do not help in any practical way. They are not even willing to financially support our work with these poor children at the $5 per month level. It is indeed very sad and leaves us at a great disadvantage when it comes to being able to have great accountability with our foreign partners.

In the very least, proper accountability with our foreign ministry partners would mean we should visit in person all our foreign ministry partners quarterly. That translates to a minimum of four(4) times per year. Unfortunately, the level of giving to GFOM has averaged to less than $100 per month and barely able to feed a very small group of children one time per week. We really need more financial help so we can not only have proper accountability with our foreign ministry partners, but also to see an increase of poor, hungry and malnourished children get to know Jesus in a practical way.

I so very much appreciate the few of you(you already know by now who you are) that help these poor children and partner with us doing so. However, we need the financial resources to operate effectively. We are transferring our GFOM Poor Children’s Program to a new location and hope to be operational by July, 2017. We earnestly hope and pray other’s will now come along side our already wonderful ministry partners who send in their love gifts. We always want to be on the right track & to be operational before the Lord. It is after all, the right thing to do.

We consider Accountability to be of utmost importance as I we are sure you do as well.

Please join us and give your best love gift at

God’s blessings,

Pastor Paul Waldmiller- Director,

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for April, 2017

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for April, 2017

Glory to God, Thank you for reading this month’s GFOM Newsletter.

The news that I will relate to you in this month’s newsletter will not be the usual report on the GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program. In fact, I will simply report to you now that all is well there. Average of 27 children per week are being fed not only physical food but meeting Jesus of the Bible in a practical way each and every-time we hold our feeding program. Glory to God and Thank you to those of you who are supporting us with your love gifts for the children.

In this newsletter I want to remind you that Global Family Outreach does more than simply feed poor and malnourished children. We have also other important ministry matters we are involved in which include also evangelism, rescuing children from Human and Sex Trafficking as well as rescuing persecuted Christians. Please see The later part of ministry that GFOM partakes in is what I wish to inform you of, and update now.

Some of you may not be aware that I have in the past, written Certified USPS letters on behalf of Global Family Outreach Ministry to leaders of both North Korea and also Iran asking for releases of Pastor’s Bae and Abedini when they were held for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was not the one privileged to be allowed to receive these two pastor’s released, but by God’s grace, they were released. This ministry, this past April, 2017 has recently sent a USPS Certified letter and e-mail message to President Erdogan of Turkey asking for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson to Global Family Outreach Ministry. We offered to fly to Turkey and bring Pastor Brunson home to the U.S under our own cost.

We have as of yet not heard back from President Erdogan but we are very hopeful that we soon will. I am personally asking that you support our effort to bring Pastor Brunson home through not only your prayers, but also your financial support. We have as of yet not heard back from any Government representative of Turkey but when we do, we earnestly pray to hear good news to fly to Turkey and bring pastor Brunson home to his family. I am asking that you also pray for Pastor Brunson’s release and that God would open that door very quickly. I am also asking that when that door opens to us to bring Pastor Brunson home, you will be prepared to give your best love gift to make that happen. It is imperative that we have no delay’s in our flight to and from Turkey. We will need your immediate financial support. We are not as of yet asking for any financial donations for this effort. Please reserve all your love gifts for this particular effort until we hear from the Turkish Government. We are however still asking for your regular love gift for our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program. As always also, you can give your best love gift for that part of our ministry at

Thank you and God bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director,

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, March 2017

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, March 2017

Praise the Lord! We are so pleased to be able to give you our monthly update 🙂

In March we were able to hold our weekly poor children’s feeding program in the Philippines. The number of children attending was down a little bit due to school and sickness, but the good news is that the beginning of April ends school for a few months and attendance will go back up 🙂

If you haven’t had a chance to view any news from the Philippines as of late, the country has been going through some major social changes since the new President there took office. There has been an upheaval in some major social norms. Drug dealers and drug users are being incarcerated en-mass. Also, whole cities are being “cleaned-up” and laws stringently enforced. This new attitude on the part of the Government has impacted the people and some of their personal lives and how they think. That is why we are using this opportunity to really press the importance of “spiritual food” as well as the physical food we give the children and sometimes their parents.

The number of those children and their parents attending the Global Family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program has grown to a sizable number, so much so, that a church will being there. We are hopeful that this new church will be a place where many will not only be blessed physically, but even more so, spiritually. Global Family Outreach Ministry is not only a charity, but more importantly, an organization that helps others come to know Jesus Christ of the Bible as Lord and Saviour. We hope and pray you will see that our purpose as an organization and ministry is very important. We have become an integral part of the Heavenly influence there.

We want to take time here to say thank you to all who have both taken time to pray for us and also to financially sow seeds to see these poor and malnourished children come to know Christ. You are a blessing and our daily prayer for you is that the Lord would bless you in return one-hundred times more than what you have given for these kids. We very much love and appreciate you! 🙂

If you have not as of yet, or perhaps have not given a love gift in awhile, please give your best love gift today at this link Thank you and God bless all that do 🙂

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter for February 2017

Greetings all family and friends of GFOM,

Our best wishes and prayers for all of you!

We come to you with all of this month’s updates regarding our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program. We have been averaging 25 children per week with some of the parent’s also in attendance. As we are feeding all who attend both the word of God as well as physical food, Pastor Pete has decided that a Church plant is needed and we have agreed of course to see the children and their parent’s grow in Christ. We are not financially partaking in the church building, or church itself. We are only partnering with Pastor Pete and his local Bible believing church to see children and their parent’s come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

As we continue to move forward with our relationship with a local church in the Philippines to see poor and malnourished children, their parents come to know Christ, we cannot help but think about the millions of others in the Philippines who have as of yet, have not been given the chance to hear the Gospel. Of course we wish to do more to see more Filipinos come to Christ, but know until the good Lord and his people provide the opportunity and resources, we must remain steadfast in what the Lord has given us. We at Global Family Outreach Ministry always give 100% of our finances, time and effort to see the Kingdom of Heaven grow 🙂

We know that for some of you, giving is difficult and quite a sacrifice. That;s why we want to take time here, to say thank you very much for your partnering with us in this ministry and charity. It would be impossible to do what we are doing without you, so again thank you so very, very much!

This month, we are asking all and everyone of you receiving this monthly message to please do two important things; 1) Please pass along and, or forward this email message to at least 5 others. 2) If you are not giving already, Please make a pledge to give just $5. per month, yep, just $5 per month is all we are asking. Some of you may believe that $5. cannot do much and you are correct, but when others also give $5. every month, we will have enough to sustain our feeding program on a regular basis and without interruptions due to the lack of finances to sustain it. Would you please take part in just those two requests please? I am sure the Lord will bless you if you do.

Again, to those that are giving, thank you! God bless you! And to all others, we await your partnership with us. Please find out how at this link,

Many Blessings,

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director

Global Family Outreach Ministry

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, January, 2017

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, January, 2017

Greetings All Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

We earnestly pray for all of you who are our financial supporters. Our love and appreciation for you cannot be expressed enough. We pray for you on a daily basis because you are our blood line so to speak in having the ability to reach out and help so many children. We love and appreciate you!

January has been a rough month for many of the children. Many have been sick because of the cold weather. In the Philippines during Winter months, it is not unusual for many there to become sick from the change in weather from humid to cooler temperatures. To help the children, the children often take medications that help fight colds and influenza but in doing so, stay home and do not attend our GFOM Feeding Program. This is an issue, because the children are spiritually baby Christians and need all the spiritual support they can get. Many of their parent’s are either non-Christians or spiritually baby Christians in their walk with the Lord as well. We do not have the financial means to purchase medication for the children we serve. At the present time, we have only one financial supporter giving to this ministry to help with the children. As you can imagine, we are blessed to have one financial supporter to help these poor and malnourished children come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as well as grow in the Lord, but we are equally greatly concerned as to how low our funds for this ministry to be effective has dwindled.

We want so very much to continue our work in the Philippines to help these poor and malnourished children and their families, but we cannot do so without more financial help. As perhaps you, I also tire of reading about me asking for financial support. The reality however is God’s work is done by God’s people through their giving and resources. I have my hands at the plow and am asking that you would help plant more seeds and help to grow the Lord’s Kingdom by giving a regular and monthly love gift at any amount you believe the Lord is asking you to give.

May the Lord bless all who help these poor and malnourished children. Please visit to give your financial and monthly gift.

Thank you and God bless you all,

Pastor Paul Waldmiller, Director-

Global Family Outreach Ministry

GFOM Monthly News Letter for December, 2016

Greetings once again all family and friends of Global family Outreach Ministry,

We would like to give you our last monthly report for 2016.

In the month of November,  we had one financial contributor so we were able to have a blessed Christmas party for the 20 poor and malnourished children that we serve at our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding program in Manila, Philippines. Praise the Lord that we not only held a Christmas party for them, but from the balikbayan box that that the same supporter paid for, we distributed gifts to the kids. What a blessing both the children are that we serve, and also the one financial supporter who helped make this happen.

We are grateful that in 2016 we transferred our GFOM Poor Children’s Poor Children’s Feeding Program to Manila as we now see the Biblical fruit of a new church springing up from the children and their family’s attending. God is so merciful. 2016 has been a good year for our program there. We are praying that 2017 will vastly improve in providing more financial supporters for what we do.

We have not heard from many of you in a very long time and we are asking directly for your help. Would you please be so kind as to give your best love gift today so that we can see more malnourished and poor kids fed, both physically and spiritually. Please give here,

Thank you and God bless!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Director,
Global Family Outreach Ministry


Greetings Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry.

It is officially the Christmas Season and perhaps just like you, many within the Philippines are getting ready for Christmas. All over Manila, Philippines you can hear Filipinos greet one-another with the phrase, “Maligayang Pasko” which in the English language means, “Merry Christmas.”

Christmas in the Philippines is a bit different than how we celebrate it in the West. In the Philippines, family and a family being together for the holiday’s is most paramount. Christmas is a time of reflection upon God and family values for most.

For the children and families we serve at our Global Family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Program, we will be giving away many good and used clothes as a practical gift to all those who attend. It is our personal and Biblical belief that helping the poor and malnourished in the Philippines, meet and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour the quickest when their practical needs are met. Just like when Jesus fed the 5000, healed the lepers and the sick, those sort of practical needs met will often open the hearts of even the most hard-hearted. The love of Jesus can and does go a very long way 🙂
Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director,
Global Family Outreach Ministry

I hope and pray that during this Christmas season, you will please remember in your thoughts, prayers and actions, the poor and malnourished children and their families we are serving together. To those few who are helping already, Thank you kindly! For all others, would you please give your best love gift today to help? Please find a link to give at

Balikbayan Box Update,
As of November 30, 2016 we have been informed that the ETA of the balikbayan box in Manila will be on December 7th. We are informed that the Christmas Party for the children at our GFOM Feeding Program will be on December 15th so please pray the box will arrive and be delivered on time. Thank you.
Meet Jay Matthew, our GFOM Sponsor A Child Of The Month. Jay Matthew is 8 years old who lives with his mother. Jay is looking for someone to sponsor him.His mother finds it difficult to feed and clothe Jay Michael and also to help pay for his school supplies. Jay Michael is available for those who would give only $30/month to help and bless him to know Jesus in a practical way. Please contact us at if interested in sponsoring Jay Michael.

Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter, Sept., 2016


Greetings everyone 🙂

I am super blessed to send this months newsletter to you. Sorry I’m a week or so late in getting the newsletter out to you. As you can imagine, with a new GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program up for only a month, lot’s of small details need to be ironed out. There is something that always seems to  need to be repaired or redirected to get back on track.

I want to let you know that the kids we are serving were all ill during much of the month of September. The rainy season in the Philippines often brings sickness to the kids. One of our faithful partners gave some money for the medicine for one of the children and we are so appreciative of her prayers and love gift 🙂 With the help of others outside our ministry, all the other children were thankful also able to receive their medicine to get over their influenza outbreak.

More good news, another very faithful financial and prayer partner of Global Family Outreach Ministry, gave us the funds to send a balakbyan box(shipping box) full of donated clothes and shoes to the children and ther family members of the feeding program. Thank you also brother for your love! Should receive just in time for Christmas.

So as you can see, with our weekly GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program, many are being blessed with the Gospel of Jesus and seeing Jesus in a real and practice way. Can you say “Praise the Lord” ? 🙂

If you haven’t by now, Please get involved today. You also can be a blessing as are our other ministry partners. Visit this link to find out how;


Meet Hanamea, she is our Global Family Outreach Ministry Sonsor-A-Child for the month of September. Hanamea’s family is very poor. They struggle for their daily needs, even for their food. She is in school but her family struggles to get her, her school supplies in which they much pay for. She is progressing in her learning about Jesus and needs an adult female or married couple sponsor. Please see our BeAHeroNow.Net website and click on the the Sponsor-A-Child button to sponsor Hanamea or any of the other poor children available to be sponsored through GFOM.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Director
Global Family Outreach Ministry

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Global Family Outreach Ministry Monthly Newsletter-August, 2016

Global Family Outreach Ministry-Monthly Newsletter for August, 2016


Greetings Family and Friends of Global Family Outreach Ministry,

Well, here we are once again working in the middle of the monsoon, or rainy season in the Philippines. Pastor Pete and his church volunteers are working tirelessly to see that our newest GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding program in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines is fully operational and that everyone is being involved to see the poor children and their parents are fed spiritually and well as physically.

Pastor Pete tells us that the rain has been making some of the children ill, so we are asking that you keep all the children we serve and their families in your prayers please. Life is difficult being financially poor, then being sick, well, that’s just a huge burden on the whole family as you can quite imagine.

God is wonderful as we are seeing most of the 20 children Plus some of the parents attending weekly Bible Study, getting fed the word of God, plus physical nourishment. We are so blessed to see others blessed and come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as we are purposed by the Lord Himself.

GFOM Sponsor A Child Of The Month- “Denise” She is only 5 years old and like many of the other children from Our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program, her family is financially poor. Denise does attend school but is lacking school materials such as pencils, paper tablets and other items to pass to move on to the next grade. Living in the West, school supplies are relatively cheap but not so for a poor children and their families in the Philippines. If you would like to sponsor Denise every month, so she may have her school supplies and other necessary items, such as Dr. visits, etc, you can find out more about our GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Program at
We are thankful for all that help this ministry and in all we do. We love and appreciate you dearly! Thank you for your support. If you are not yet involved in helping this effective and Jesus-loving ministry, Please go to our webpage now and see how you can also be a blessing
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