Blessings friends and Family of GFOM!

We wish to give a big thank you to you if you gave a love-gift during the month of November, 2019 and give a BIG shout-out and praise to Jesus for those of you who have partnered financially with us to see children fed both physically and spiritually last month.

Here are some numbers that you have blessed the Kingdom of God with during the month of November:

*We had an average of 56 to 70 children attending our Global family Outreach Ministry Poor Children’s Feeding Programs per week, total.

*Children were visited in their homes and Christ shared with family members.

*Church attendance is up because of new salvations through Christ, because of your partnering with us in the three GFOM Poor Children’s Feeding Programs.

Thank you again for your sacrificial giving and labor of love!!!!

We are including photos in this month’s newsletter as we always provide. If you wish to see more photos of the children that we serve, more can be seen on our Global Family Outreach Ministry Facebook page and on other social media as well. We know we cannot reach all of the world’s poor for Christ, but with your loving help, we can continue to reach out to more. If you have not given a love-gift before, would you please donate today? Please don’t miss your opportunity to make God’s kingdom a little bit larger.

Click on this link to make your donation…

God bless!

Rev. Paul Waldmiller